ITM TwentyFirst is comprised of a team of independent life insurance experts. Our purpose is to empower life insurance policy owners to make informed decisions and realize the full value of life insurance assets. We serve professional trustees (including banks and trust companies, law firms and CPAs), wealth advisors and family offices, universities and foundations, and life settlement investors. ITM TwentyFirst was formed by the combination of three companies (ITM, IIQ and TwentyFirst) with over 35 years of collective experience providing insurance services.

ITM TwentyFirst provides all the services a trustee needs to administer and manage life insurance policies.
By partnering with us, clients save money, reduce legal and regulatory risk and ensure that grantors and beneficiaries are covered.

Insurance Experts
ITM| TwentyFirst has provided life insurance services for almost 20 years. Our team includes trust administrators, insurance experts, trust attorneys, actuaries, and medical underwriters.

Information Security
A multi-layered approach is used to protect key client information, and to meet the growing demands of data security. ITM|TwentyFirst obtains an independent third party validation of our system and practices as part of an annual SSAE-16 SOC 2 audit.

Independent & Objective
ITM TwentyFirst does not engage in the sale of life insurance or endorse any life insurance carrier or product; a vital element which allows for the delivery of truly unbiased services.

Client Satisfaction
Our 200+ clients are satisfied with their experiences with ITM TwentyFirst; ask us for a list of references so you can hear directly from them.

What We Do
Our services range from annual policy reviews, to cloud-based life insurance trust administration software (InsuranceIQ), to a fully managed solution. Below is a sampling of the services we provide:

  • Premium & Crummey Notices
  • Trust Management Reporting
  • Annual Policy Review
  • Remediation

Policy Review Features

  • Policy Coverage Risk
  • Current Longevity Analysis
  • Carrier Strength
  • Policy Return Efficiency

Get To Know Us
The ITM TwentyFirst team manages over 25,000 policies, and we have analyzed over $100 billion in face amount of in-force life insurance policies. ITM TwentyFirst is not affiliated with any insurance company and we do not sell insurance. Thus, we are independent and conflict-free.
Many of the world’s leading financial service companies turn to ITM TwentyFirst for independent life insurance analysis.
Get to know us by visiting itm21st.com or call 612.371.3008 to schedule a consultation.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Just read your post. My husband and i have owned Lincoln Benefit Life Long Term care Insurance for 10 years. Since it has been bought by Life Resolution, I have some real concerns. Your thoughts?

    • Let me start by saying I do not know the LBL Long Term Care (LTC) product and I am not an LTC specialist. I also do not know your financial situation, or your product’s costs, etc. However, I do know that LTC carriers are feeling pricing pressures. Just witness the Johh Hancock LTC price increase we just saw (http://www.suntimes.com/business/savage/11378009-452/how-is-a-90-long-term-care-rate-hike-ok.html.)
      The concern that I would have is that others might act and flee this particular product leaving behind those that could not “get out”…..the unhealthy. To me, this would seem to exacerbate the problem and increase the chances of justifying a rate increase.
      Look at this as an opportunity to revisit your long term care strategy. It may be time to sit back down with your agent and decide on your next best step. Your agent, knowing your particular situation, should be able to guide you.

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